Photoshoot for hen parties

Preparing for a wedding is a tough, exciting process for any bride. Shooting a spinster party is one of the issues that need to be addressed. On our website, you can see our portfolio and order a photographer for a spinster party.


Photographer – a gift to the bride and her girlfriends

The spinster party is a great opportunity to relax from wedding trouble and spend time with close friends. A well-organized party will certainly remain in memory for a long time.

All the light moments will be saved by a creative photographer invited to the spinster party.

What do the girls expect from such a party? What are the characteristics of the photograph?

The spinster party is a pretty long-term event. Often, it doesn’t have a clear script and the photographer needs to adapt quickly to changing conditions. We are prepared for such circumstances and will make beautiful photographs in any situation.

We will help to prepare for the photo session. Not only can you order a photo session on our site, but there are always makeup artist and stylist services.

With our photographer, you will feel relaxed and comfortable. You can choose a photographer man or woman by choice.

You can order the filming of the event or individual parts of it. All participants in the event will have the pictures taken only with the shots they want.

We will be pleased to suggest interesting places in Riga to take substandard, memorable photographs. The photographer will give you a choice, a chance to make the event unforgettable, and will take into account all photography wishes.

Our photographers carry out reports and screened photography. You can combine both options if you want. We are working to get you the most positive feelings and remember this evening for a long time.

We carefully process photographs from the spinster party. You will not receive raw photo material but photographs that you can insert anywhere: on an album, on social networks, or a wall in a room between other memorable photographs.

Taking pictures with Your party will have the best photographer

Most girls like bright photographs, a spinster party is a great opportunity to take a lot of beautiful frames. Better to trust our photographers.

Look at our portfolio and think for a moment of yourself in the pictures instead of all the buoyant and happy people you see in pictures.

We’ll take the same great pictures at your party!

If you’re going to have a wedding and a spinster party soon, don’t be late! Book your pictures now! We’re waiting for your call.