Photo studio rental

Our photo studio is located in the heart of Riga, the capital city of Latvia. Two studios are available, which can be used for photo sessions and video filming. A photo studio rental is also available for organizing master classes, parties, or any other option where you need to rent a room in the center of Riga. Medicines have different designs, as well as prices. The total area of ​​the photo studio is 190 m2, it consists of a photo studio hall with changeable backgrounds and a hall with large panoramic windows and walls of various designs. As the props are regularly updated, various props are available, including different clothes and costumes, a bed, a sofa, a fan, a vintage mirror, and much more. It is also possible to change the location of the photo studio in Riga is not a convenient option, the price is not predetermined, but it depends on how complicated it is to set up.

The advantages of the first studio are the high ceilings, where it is also possible to hang various decorations, there are walls of different styles and textures with a changeable background system, and large panoramic windows that provide daylight, but can also be blocked if necessary. The total area of ​​the studio is 48 m2, ceiling height 3.10 m, width 7.30 m, and length 8 m. The price of renting a photo studio is 20 EUR/hour, 30 EUR/hour on weekends and public holidays, and 30 EUR/hour during the night from 8 pm-8 am.

Studio 1 schedule

The advantage of the second studio is a hall with a white corner cyclorama. The room has high ceilings and large panoramic windows, which provide a lot of opportunities to use natural light. The dimensions of the photo studio in Riga are – a ceiling height of 3.10 m, width of 5.30 m, length of 7.8 m, and a total area is 40 m2. The photo studio has walls with different finishes – wood, gray brick, and light wallpaper. There is also a wall built in the 19th century in a classic French style, as well as a photo studio with a movable fireplace. Photo studio rent costs 20 EUR/hour and 30 EUR/hour on weekends and public holidays, as well as between 8 pm- 8 am.

Studio 2 schedule

Photo studio equipment

Backgrounds are available in a variety of colors – both black vinyl and black, white, grey, beige, orange, and blue paper backgrounds, always available as they are on site. The following equipment is available in the photo studio for video filming and photo sessions: Monobloks Bowens 500 W, softbox, strip box, tubes, umbrellas, tripods, portrait plate, reflectors, synchronizers, collapsible reflectors, and independent light sources. The photo studio has free WiFi internet, two toilets, and a small kitchenette, but it has a microwave oven, dishes, a refrigerator, and a kettle to provide everything you need for a pleasant time in our photo studio. There is both a place to relax and a place to prepare for either a photo session or a party in one of the auxiliary rooms.