Individual photoshoot

An individual photo session will provide you with professional photos of the highest quality that capture your unique individuality and personality. During a photo session, the main focus is on bringing out your personality, creating the image you want, and capturing it in beautiful images that can then be used as a great addition to your portfolio, family album, social media, or anything else. Remember that there are no frames here – give free rein to your imagination, relax and enjoy these pleasant and unique emotions provided by a professional individual photo session. It is possible to organize an individual photo session at our studio in Riga, where everything is needed to create great pictures on-site and also outside. We are ready to realize your idea, or if the desired location is not available, but there is no desire to take photos in a studio – we will offer our alternative options. If necessary, the services of a make-up artist, hairdresser, and stylist can also be arranged by prior arrangement.


The photographer of the individual photo shoot

In communication with you, they will understand the result you want and will do everything to make you look as good as ever in professional and high-quality photos! Therefore, do not be shy and tell your wishes, ideas, as well as your concerns, or complexes in time. He will use his knowledge and experience to make the lights, the different angles, and the composition work for you, you just have to trust him. The photographer’s task is to be responsible for the successful course of the photo session and the final result, you just have to enjoy the process, and feel free and confident.

Preparing for the individual photo shoot

It’s an important part of the process so that the result is as good as possible and closer to what you envisioned. A couple of recommendations on how best to prepare for the upcoming individual photo session – be sure to bring several sets of clothes and shoes, accessories, and attributes so that we can experiment and try on different images. Think about exactly the desired result of the photo shoot – style, idea, message. Of course, you should come to the session tidy, rested, and full of the joy of life, so that there are no signs of fatigue. And most importantly, come with a smile so that the whole event brings you joy and good feelings.

Prices of the individual photo shoot

They depend on whether make-up, hairdressing services, and decorations will be needed, as well as on how long the photo shoot is planned. If a 30-minute mini photo shoot is performed, it will cost 40 EUR, if there is an hour-long individual photo shoot with decorations, make-up, and hair, the cost is 160 EUR. More details about prices are here.