Family photoshoot

A family photo session is a great way to remind yourself and your beloved family members of how much you mean to each other. It doesn’t matter how big your family is – a giant extended family, or just the closest ones, it doesn’t matter how old the family members are – many babies or many old people, the only important thing is that you all want to preserve these beautiful moments of togetherness. A photo session for the family is a great way to capture your happy family both for yourself and to show and share with others – your joy, by acquiring quality family photos. A family photo session is a great way to remind yourself of what you mean to each other and how you feel about each other’s company. Captured photos will allow you not only to create a positive public image but also make you happy by refreshing the nice experience from time to time.

The main job of a family photographer is to make you feel comfortable and to make sure that the result of the family photo session in the studio is quality photos that you can then put in your family photo album.


Family photo session in the studio

This is one of the options for organizing a photo session. In addition to a family photo session, it is also possible to organize outdoor photo sessions in the Riga studio, at the place, time, and conditions of your choice. The family photographer will provide himself with all the necessary tools to be able to capture moments in quality photos regardless of the surrounding environment, taking with him cameras, lights, and, of course, his experience and professionalism.

Photo session of young families

It can be one of the great first adventures together as a new family to keep the special emotions of the new status as long as possible. If the family photo session turns into an annual ritual, it is a great way to look back at what happened – how you and your children change. After several years, it will be very inspiring to see and look back on how the new generation has grown and changed.

Preparing for a family photoshoot

It’s simple, but everything must go as planned, it’s important that you think about creating a common image, for example, that all clothes are at least in the same color range. We recommend avoiding too bright or colorful clothes and to be safe, take at least three to four sets of clothes for each family member, if babies are participating, please think about the appropriate photo session time, according to the baby’s regime, but most importantly, remember to bring a good mood and a smile!

Prices vary from 40 to 100 EUR, everything depends on your wishes and needs. More details about prices – are here.

Family photo session prices

Prices vary from 40 to 100 EUR, everything depends on your wishes and needs. More details about priceshere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a family photoshoot with you?

Booking your family photoshoot is easy! Just fill out the booking form on our FAQ page or if you'd prefer to speak to someone, give us a call at +371 27022203 or drop us an email at We're here to capture your precious family moments.

Can we have our family photoshoot outdoors or only in your studio?

Absolutely, you can choose to have your photoshoot outdoors or in our studio. Our main goal is to capture your family's essence in the most comfortable and meaningful setting for you. Let us know your preference when booking.

How long does a family photoshoot session last?

A family photoshoot session typically lasts between 1 to 2 hours. This allows us ample time to capture a variety of poses and combinations of family members, ensuring you have a diverse collection of beautiful memories.

What should we wear for our family photoshoot?

For your family photoshoot, we recommend wearing outfits that complement each other in color and style without being overly matching. Solid colors work well. Most importantly, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and happy!

How many people can participate in a family photoshoot?

There is no limit to the number of family members you can bring to a photoshoot! Whether it's a small gathering or a large extended family, we're excited to capture beautiful moments for any family size.

Can we include our pets in the family photoshoot?

Yes, pets are a cherished part of the family and are welcome to join your family photoshoot. Just let us know in advance so we can prepare accordingly and make the experience enjoyable for your furry friends too.

How soon will we receive our family photos after the session?

After your family photoshoot, we'll work diligently to edit and prepare your photos. You can expect to receive your beautiful family photos within 2-3 weeks, ready to be cherished and shared.

Do we get to choose which photos we receive?

Yes, after the session, we'll provide you with a gallery of images to review. You'll have the opportunity to select your favorite photos, ensuring you're absolutely delighted with the memories captured.

What is the cost of a family photoshoot session?

The cost of a family photoshoot session varies depending on the package you choose, including the location, duration, and number of final photos. Please contact us at +371 27022203 or for detailed pricing.

Is there a deposit required to book a family photoshoot?

Yes, we require a small deposit to secure your family photoshoot date. This ensures that your selected time is reserved exclusively for you. The remaining balance will be due on the day of the shoot. For more information, please contact us.


The family photoshoot was a delightful experience. The photographer made us feel at ease, capturing genuine smiles. The quality of photos was top-notch.

Emily Peterson

Booking our family photo session was the best decision! The team was professional, and the photos came out beautifully. Highly recommend their service.

Michael Johnson

Our large family was handled with ease by the photographer. Everyone felt comfortable, and the results were stunning. So glad we chose this service.

Linda Smith

The family photoshoot exceeded our expectations. The photographer captured our essence perfectly. We now have beautiful memories to cherish forever.

David Williams

Exceptional service from start to finish. The photographer's talent in making us feel relaxed resulted in natural and beautiful family photos.

Jessica Brown

Our experience was fantastic! The photographer knew exactly how to work with our kids to get the best shots. Very satisfied with the photos.

Daniel Miller

The whole process was seamless. Booking, shooting, and receiving our photos was a breeze. The quality of the family photos is exceptional.

Sarah Wilson

Our photographer was incredibly patient and creative, especially with the little ones. We're thrilled with the family pictures. Highly recommend this service.

James Moore

Truly professional service that made our family photoshoot a memorable experience. The photos are gorgeous and capture our family's spirit.

Laura Taylor

The friendly atmosphere during the photoshoot made us feel right at home. The photos turned out to be absolutely beautiful. Great job!

Robert Anderson

A wonderful experience from beginning to end. The photographer was skilled and made us all feel comfortable. The family photos are lovely.

Karen Martinez