Object photography

Taking pictures of items will present the product in the best light and motivate the buyer. Professionally captured framing items from the store is a powerful selling tool.

Professional photography is one of the most important tools for any successful business. High-end photos will help make products more popular and boost sales and the company’s net profit.

The photographers of the Fotosesijas.com studio organize spectacular photographs of objects for a successful sale in Riga or any other city in Latvia. View the executed order portfolio.

You will certainly find interesting ideas and choose the best options.

Taking photographs of an object in the studio is done using professional equipment and optics. We know how to offer the product in a favorable perspective with the right lighting. Please contact our photographers to discuss ideas, the place and time of the subject being photographed, and to pick up accessories. You’ll get answers to all your questions.


Best product picture ideas

The Fotosesijas.com team offers substandard and effective solutions to capture an ad.

Experience and creative approach allow fresh ideas to be offered for photoshopping:

  • imitation jewelry and jewelry;
  • fur products;
  • footwear and clothing;
  • prepared meals and drinks;
  • household appliances and electronic appliances, etc.

Great results of photography are provided by:

  • special multi-view lighting;
  • cameras with powerful and high-quality optics;
  • the experience of the winners (discussed individually with the customer);
  • work of experienced specialists (teachers and photographers).

Taking a picture of an item: price per job and order

The prices for different types of photography can be found in “online” mode.

The exact amount can be found by calling Fotosesijas.com executives. They will make an individual calculation.

Order a topic for photo materials today. Working with us is a profitable investment in business success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can professional object photography boost my sales?

Professional object photography showcases your products in the best light, attracting customers by highlighting the quality and details of your items. This visual appeal can significantly increase consumer interest, enhancing the perceived value of your products and, consequently, boosting sales.

What types of objects can Fotosesijas.com photograph?

At Fotosesijas.com, we specialize in photographing a wide range of objects, from small items like jewelry to larger products such as furniture. Our professional equipment and expertise allow us to capture the best features of any product, ensuring it looks appealing for your target audience.

Do I need to bring my products to your studio in Riga?

While many clients choose to bring their products to our studio in Riga for the convenience and access to our full range of professional equipment, we can also arrange to photograph your items in other cities across Latvia to accommodate your needs.

Can I discuss my ideas with a photographer before the shoot?

Absolutely! We encourage you to discuss your ideas, preferences, and requirements with our photographers. This collaboration ensures the final photographs align with your vision and present your product in the most favorable way. Contact us at +371 27022203 or info@fotosesijas.com to start the conversation.

How does Fotosesijas.com ensure my product looks its best in photos?

Our photographers use professional equipment, including high-quality optics and lighting, to ensure your product is showcased in the best possible way. We also consider the product's unique features and how to highlight them, choosing favorable perspectives and accessories that complement your item.

What is the turnaround time for receiving my product photos?

Turnaround times can vary depending on the complexity of the shoot and the number of products. However, we always strive to deliver your high-end photos in a timely manner. For specific timelines, please contact us directly so we can provide you with an accurate estimate based on your project's details.

How do I apply for an object photography service with Fotosesijas.com?

Applying for our object photography service is easy! You can fill out the form on our FAQ page or directly contact us at +371 27022203 or info@fotosesijas.com. We'll discuss your needs and schedule a session that suits you best.

Can Fotosesijas.com help me with creative ideas for photographing my products?

Certainly! Our experienced photographers are full of creative ideas and are happy to help you find the best way to present your products. By reviewing our portfolio, you can see some of our past work and get inspired for your own product photography.

Is object photography a worthy investment for small businesses?

Yes, object photography is a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes. High-quality product photos can significantly improve your brand's online presence, attract more customers, and increase sales. Even for small businesses, professional photos set you apart from competitors and enhance your market appeal.

Are there any additional services provided by Fotosesijas.com to enhance product photos?

In addition to our professional photography services, we offer post-processing to ensure your product photos are ready for use. This can include retouching, background removal, and color correction, helping your products to look their absolute best in the final images. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Fotosesijas.com turned my product photos from drab to fab! Their object photography service in Riga truly knows how to highlight the best features. Highly satisfied with their professional approach.

Anna Peterson

The team at Fotosesijas.com has an eye for detail. Their object photography service made my items look more enticing than ever. The photos boosted my sales, just as promised!

Michael Brown

Using Fotosesijas.com for our product shoots was a game-changer. The clarity and quality of the photos were unmatched. Truly professional service that delivers.

Laura Smith

I was amazed by how the Fotosesijas.com team managed to present my products in such an attractive way. Their expertise in object photography is evident. Will definitely use their services again.

James Wilson

The object photography service from Fotosesijas.com exceeded my expectations. The photographers were skilled and knew exactly how to showcase my products. A worthwhile investment for any business.

Emily Johnson

Professional, efficient, and talented – that's how I'd describe the team at Fotosesijas.com. Their object photography helped my products stand out. Truly satisfied with the results.

David Lee