Object photography

Taking pictures of items will present the product in the best light and motivate the buyer. Professionally captured framing items from the store is a powerful selling tool.

Professional photography is one of the most important tools for any successful business. High-end photos will help make products more popular and boost sales and the company’s net profit.

The photographers of the Fotosesijas.com studio organize spectacular photographs of objects for a successful sale in Riga or any other city in Latvia. View the executed order portfolio.

You will certainly find interesting ideas and choose the best options.

Taking photographs of an object in the studio is done using professional equipment and optics. We know how to offer the product in a favorable perspective with the right lighting. Please contact our photographers to discuss ideas, the place and time of the subject being photographed, and to pick up accessories. You’ll get answers to all your questions.


Best product picture ideas

The Fotosesijas.com team offers substandard and effective solutions to capture an ad.

Experience and creative approach allow fresh ideas to be offered for photoshopping:

  • imitation jewelry and jewelry;
  • fur products;
  • footwear and clothing;
  • prepared meals and drinks;
  • household appliances and electronic appliances, etc.

Great results of photography are provided by:

  • special multi-view lighting;
  • cameras with powerful and high-quality optics;
  • the experience of the winners (discussed individually with the customer);
  • work of experienced specialists (teachers and photographers).

Taking a picture of an item: price per job and order

The prices for different types of photography can be found in “online” mode.

The exact amount can be found by calling Fotosesijas.com executives. They will make an individual calculation.

Order a topic for photo materials today. Working with us is a profitable investment in business success.