Business photoshoot

You have probably heard that business photography is an important and effective tool for building the image of a business person and company in general.

But how does this tool work? Why is a business photo session such an important and responsible event? How to prepare for it? These are just some of the many questions that most of our customers have.

Our article is intended for those entrepreneurs who have not yet had the experience of business photo sessions. You will get answers to all your questions and understand what your photo should be.


Business photo session. What is it?

A business photo session is a photograph of the company’s director, managers, and other employees for the official website, advertising brochures, and other presentation materials. Compared to other business needs, this may seem like a small thing. But it is from such seemingly insignificant details that the solid reputation and commercial success of the company are formed.

A professional business portrait can also be used:

  • on business cards;
  • in social media profiles (eg LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter);
  • signatures for e-mails;
  • on business pages on social networks (especially when creating and developing a personal brand).

There are several types of business portraits:

  • close-up (in this case, only the face will be in the frame);
  • half-length shots (in the man’s field of vision up to his chest, details of a business suit are already visible here);
  • full-length shots taken in a general plan (the picture can be one person or the whole team).

Features of photography in a business style

For a business portrait of a company manager or businesswoman to be successful, certain canons of the genre must be followed. The photographer should focus on a strict composition, and choose natural poses typical of people in the office or studying. The pictures must reveal a person’s role in the company and his practical qualities.

The image should speak of a person as a successful, strong, and purposeful person with rich knowledge and business experience.

Why is it important to entrust such a photo session to professionals?

A business-style photo session requires preparation and special equipment. This is the only way to ensure high-quality photos and good shooting results.

To shoot business portraits, you need:

  • high-quality modern cameras with powerful optics;
  • properly constructed lighting system (this mainly applies to filming in the studio);
  • a thoughtful concept of photography in a studio, office, or another workspace.

Tips and ideas for a business photoshoot

We found out the peculiarities of the genre and decided who and why a business photo session is needed. The next important question: how to prepare for a successful photo session for business women and male managers?

We will talk in detail about each of the components of success.

Think about clothes

Bright and extravagant T-shirts are not the best solution. We recommend choosing clothes in a classic style. Avoid small stripes, as they can create “noise” in the frame and seriously degrade the quality of the image.

Choose clothes without complicated details, they can also create “noise” in the photo. Also, think about black and white shots. If there are a lot of them, there is no point in wearing a pink tie.

Skin condition is very important

The color and texture of a person’s skin affect successful the pictures will be. Shiny skin is one of the biggest challenges in photography and post-production. Studio lights often make the skin sweaty and shiny. To neutralize this effect, women should have matting wipes and powder at hand.

Men just need to take a good shower before the photo shoot.

What to do with the hair?

Women should bring a styler and a comb. And, of course, the hair must be clean. For men, we recommend getting a haircut and visiting a hairdresser. This will speed up photo processing and improve the result.

Make-up for a business photo session

We recommend that women do natural day make-up before the photo session. It will not be too sticky and will not distort the shape of the face in further image processing.

What about glasses?

This is one of the most important details of the image that is often overlooked. If you wear them all the time, it’s better to shoot with glasses too. If you occasionally wear glasses and want to take a photo session without them, it is better to take them off beforehand. So the temples will not leave marks on the face.

Facial features

If you have any features of your appearance that can spoil or, on the contrary, improve the shot, be sure to discuss it with the photographer. It can be a strict profile, a very serious look in the eyes, and other details that can be revealed in a business photo portrait.

Order business photography

In our photo studio, it is possible to order photo portraits for the whole team, created in the same style and concept. Also, when shooting in a studio or office, you can take a generic photo.

The photo service team does not only take business portraits in Riga. You can order services from us:

  • make-up;
  • stylist;
  • retoucher.

Professional photo processing compensates for many appearance defects. Correctly placed accents in the image will help highlight the strengths of your character and create the image of a successful and charismatic person.

Build your image with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a business photoshoot important for my company?

Business photoshoots are essential as they help craft a professional image for your company. High-quality, professional photos reflect your company's dedication to quality and attention to detail, enhancing your brand's perception among clients and competitors alike.

How do I prepare for a business photoshoot?

Preparing for a business photoshoot involves selecting appropriate attire that reflects your company's ethos, ensuring grooming is top-notch, and discussing your brand's vision with the photographer. It's also wise to consider the message you want the photos to convey about your business.

What types of business photoshoots do you offer?

We offer a variety of business photoshoot services including individual portraits, team photos, office or workspace images, and product photography. These options are designed to cater to the diverse needs of businesses looking to enhance their brand image.

How long does a business photoshoot session take?

The duration of a business photoshoot can vary depending on the package selected and your specific requirements. Typically, sessions last between 1 to 3 hours. We ensure each session is efficiently managed to maximize quality within the allocated time.

Can we have our business photoshoot at our office location?

Absolutely! We understand the significance of capturing your business environment and offer on-location photoshoots. Photographing at your office not only adds convenience but also personalizes your photos, showcasing your actual working environment.

What should I wear for a professional business photoshoot?

For a professional business photoshoot, it's recommended to wear formal or business casual attire that represents your role or your business's culture. Solid colors work well, and it's best to avoid overly busy patterns that might distract from the professional appearance.

How can I book a business photoshoot?

Booking a business photoshoot with us is easy! You can fill out the booking form on our FAQ page or reach out directly via contact at +371 27022203 or Our team will guide you through the booking process and answer any questions you may have.

What is included in a business photoshoot package?

Our business photoshoot packages include a pre-shoot consultation, the photoshoot session (at your preferred location or ours), professional retouching of selected images, and high-resolution digital images. We offer different packages to meet various needs and budgets.

How soon after the photoshoot will I receive my photos?

After your business photoshoot, you can expect to receive your professionally retouched photos within 2-3 weeks. We strive to deliver high-quality images in a timely manner, ensuring you can start using them to enhance your business's image soon after.

Do you provide guidelines on how to use our new business photos effectively?

Yes, we provide guidance on how to best utilize your new business photos across different platforms, including websites, social media, and print materials. We aim to ensure that your investment in professional photography maximizes your brand's visibility and appeal.


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