Product and food photographers

Cooking is a fine art. Photographing products and ready meals is one of the best ways to present this art to those who have not tried the food yet, or have not been to a restaurant or cafe.

Capturing the taste and freshness of the food in a photo is a difficult task. It requires the highest professional skills, a sense of composition, and top-class equipment.

It’s all in the studio for the team. We have been photographing products for advertising for several years. During this time, our portfolio includes images taken by:

  • menu of restaurants and cafes;
  • cookbooks;
  • promotional materials for food manufacturers.


Food and prepared food advertising photography

If your business is related to the kitchen, the sphere of flavors, the team will help you to attract the attention of potential visitors or buyers of the establishment.

The main thing that food photography gives is attention and interest in your products, and their recognition.

We shoot products in the studio and at your location too.

How is our work with the photography customer going?

It all starts with your application. You can call us, come to the office or write an e-mail. Explain in detail exactly what needs to be photographed, and for what purpose.

We will discuss technical and organizational details: location, equipment, accessories, and other photography options.

After the final approval of the concept, our employee will tell you the price and other photography opportunities.

We will conduct a photo session at the agreed time and after processing, we will provide you with ready-made photo material.

Food photography. Order from the pros

Commercial photographs of dishes are important for attracting buyers or visitors. The financial growth of the business also depends on its quality.

We will be able to reveal the taste and appeal of the products and make them noticeable. Examples of photography in this genre are shown in the portfolio section. Here you will find a variety of products and dishes.

The prices. You can check the cost of photography with our manager. But the most important thing is that the money invested in product advertising photos will pay off. You will get attractive images that can be used to create effective promotional materials.

The team works in constant dialogue with each client. We take into account the purpose of the photography, the requirements for the menu, publications in magazines, banners, or other materials that require photographs.

To discuss details and order food photography, call us today. We will develop an original photography concept and take photos that will create an appetite.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order product or food photography services from

Ordering our photography services is simple and convenient. You can fill out the application form directly on the service page by clicking the 'Apply' link, or if you prefer, give us a call at +371 27022203 or email us at We're here to capture the essence of your products with our expert skills.

What makes stand out for product and food photography?

Our team at brings together the highest professional skills, a keen sense of composition, and top-class equipment to capture the taste and freshness of your food in every photo. With years of experience photographing for restaurants, cookbooks, and food manufacturers, we know how to make your products shine.

Can handle photography for my restaurant's menu?

Absolutely! We specialize in crafting visually stunning photographs for restaurant menus. Our portfolio is filled with images that not only look great but also entice customers to try your dishes. Let us help you create a menu that stands out with our professional photography services.

Do you provide photography services for cookbooks?

Yes, we do! Our team at has considerable experience in capturing the essence of each recipe for cookbooks. We understand how important it is for each dish to look as delicious as it tastes, and we're committed to delivering exceptional photographs for your cookbook project.

What kind of equipment does use for photography?

Our team uses only top-class photography equipment to ensure the highest quality images for your products and food. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology in cameras, lighting, and editing software to bring out the best in your dishes and products.

How long does it typically take to receive photos after a shoot?

The turnaround time for receiving your photos varies depending on the scope of the project. However, we always work efficiently to edit and deliver your images as quickly as possible without compromising quality. For specific timelines, please contact us directly with details about your project.

Can provide photography for promotional materials?

Indeed, we have extensive experience in creating eye-catching photographs for promotional materials for food manufacturers and other businesses. Whether it's for print or digital media, our team ensures your products are captured in the best light to attract and engage your target audience.

Are the photographers at experienced in capturing different cuisines?

Yes, our photographers have a broad range of experience in photographing a variety of cuisines, from local favorites to international dishes. Our appreciation for the art of cooking shines through in every photo, highlighting the unique flavors and presentation of each cuisine.

Do you offer on-location photography services for food and products?

While our studio is fully equipped for product and food photography, we understand the importance of the right setting. Therefore, we do offer on-location photography services to capture your products or dishes in the environment that suits them best. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of your project.

How does ensure the freshness and appeal of food in photographs?

Capturing the freshness and appeal of food requires not just technical skill, but also a creative eye. Our team at specializes in highlighting the natural beauty and taste of food, using advanced techniques in lighting, styling, and composition to make every dish look irresistible.


The team truly captured the essence of our menu's offerings. Their expertise in product and food photography is evident in every shot. Highly recommend for restaurants looking to elevate their visual presentation.

Johnathan Reed

I was amazed by the quality of photos the team produced for our cookbook. Their understanding of composition and lighting made our dishes look irresistible. Absolutely thrilled with the results!

Emily Watson

Hiring for our promotional food photography was a game-changer. The images are stunning and have significantly improved our marketing materials. Professional and skilled, they're the best in the business.

Marcus Li

The attention to detail and creativity of's team made our restaurant's menu photos look exceptional. Their service is top-notch, and they truly understand how to showcase food at its best.

Sophia Martinez delivered beyond our expectations for our food manufacturer's promotional shoot. The images they captured are vibrant and convey the freshness of our products perfectly. A fantastic service all around.

Alex Johnson

Using for our cafe menu photography was a great decision. The photos are mouth-watering, and the team was a breeze to work with. They really brought our dishes to life.

Natalie Chen