Photo report

Photos are a way to tell about places or special events happening around. Event reportage photography is a special, complex art genre in its way. It combines photography:

  • presentations, meetings, conferences;
  • holidays, festivals, parties, and concerts;
  • everyday life of companies;
  • • opening important objects.

The main feature of such photographs is their dynamics, transmission, and action. Only experienced professional photographers can achieve this.


Reportage photo session

Another important feature of reporting is realism. There can be no scenery, no staged poses, and no staged plot. Photo sets in this genre are ordered in several cases:

  • commemorative albums;
  • presentation and advertising materials;
  • book and magazine publications;
  • on websites.

On our website, you can order the services of a photographer who will take quality pictures of any of your events. The filming of event reportage combines elements of portraiture and other genres. This makes it a special direction of photography.

The photographers working in our photo studio have a lot of experience in creating reports. They are excellent at noticing and preserving emotions, movements, and the dynamics of events in the frame.

Shooting any reportage requires a lot of work with the footage. We carefully examine hundreds of images, among which we find the best, the most emotional, the most original, and the brightest. The customer receives them after post-processing.

Reportage, like any other genre of photography, carries a certain idea, a thought. It is he who must be indicated in the photo. To achieve this, we always discuss the format of the event, its meaning, and expectations from the photo with the clients. Knowing what to photograph gives a photographer a better idea of how to do it.

Order reportage photography of celebrations and official events

When you look at the portfolio on the website, you will see that our team consists of top-level professionals.

To find out the price of photography and order the services of a photographer, call the number indicated in the contact section or visit us. Our photographers and managers will agree on all the work details, and tell the exact amount.

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