Video editing and filming

Video filming allows us to capture special situations, important moments, and moments in a visual and audio file that will not let the moment disappear anywhere. For the video to create that “real” feeling, and to capture the best moments, the work of the video operator is very important, because you have to know how to find the right angles, and lights, and take the right shots. Our company employs professional video operators. A quality video does not consist only of a good videographer or a successful filming process. One of the most important aspects of a high-quality video is excellent video editing, which allows you to put together and create the strongest and best story according to your wishes, putting together the pieces of the puzzle to create the right mood for you. Filming and editing work must be carried out with a single attitude towards quality as a value, our studio therefore also offers all kinds of video services, our video operators always work with the most responsible approach to their work and your final result. Our studio offers video editing services, video filming, and video processing, as well as professional video operators whose experience allows you to capture the most important moments.

In video filming, it is important to know the client’s desired result, it is important to agree on the concept and the main idea of ​​the video. Then rely on the filming skills and experience of our videographer to gather the best possible footage for your video montage. The duration of the video shoot, of course, depends on the required event/situation, it can last from one hour to a day, it all depends on the client’s wishes. The services of a video operator for one hour are paid 60 EUR. The price is negotiable because it depends on the total number of hours, the filming location, and the desired result of the video montage.

To make a high-quality video, our company’s professionals will edit the video. In our studio, it is possible to receive all video services – including video processing, not only editing, our professionals are familiar with the most modern editing and video processing techniques. Filming services are offered in the highest HD quality, it is possible to record in both Blu-ray and DVD format, on discs with a photo print attached. The cost of video editing 60 EUR and it  depends on the length of the video and the required result. After processing the video, you will be able to get acquainted with the final result.

Whether it’s a wedding, christening, bachelorette party, birthday, club opening, maybe a concert, ceremony, festival, or sports games – we provide you with video services to capture your important moments so that they will never be forgotten. For a strong presence effect, we use modern and high-quality video filming techniques in our work.

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