Child photoshoot

A children’s photo session is a way to stop time in photographs because children grow up so fast – one moment and they take their first steps, a little more and they are already graduating from elementary school. To remember how a kid transforms and changes as it grows, you need a children’s photo session, during which your children will be captured at the given moment in high-quality photos, which you can look back on years later and immerse yourself in beautiful memories. A children’s photo session can be organized both in our cozy premises in the photo studio in Riga, and we also make creative photo sessions in a place of your choice, only then it must be arranged in advance with the photographer so that he can prepare everything necessary to take with him to the place you want.


Children photograph

The photographer must manage to establish contact with the children quickly and easily so that the child can feel free and comfortable in the photographer’s presence, but at the same time listen to the photographer’s recommendations and advice. The photographer will take care of the appropriate lights and all the other necessary equipment, as well as ensure the most accurate lighting and photo angles. Our professional photographers have experienced many different children’s photo sessions, so the photos will be of high quality, capturing your child’s uniqueness, and a spark of joy and preserving the wonderful essence of childhood.

Preparing for a children’s photo shoot

For the children’s photo session to take place as smoothly and efficiently as possible, it is important to follow a few recommendations to make the process as easy as possible. First of all, be sure to discuss with the photographer exactly how you see the result, and what are your main wishes and ideas. Be sure to bring several sets of clothes, shoes, and accessories to have the opportunity to refresh the child’s image and find the most suitable combinations, but try to avoid too colorful clothes. Before the upcoming photo session, you have to make sure that the child has slept well and eaten, and is in a good mood to avoid unnecessary challenges. If possible, bring a favorite toy or another attribute of the children to reduce unwanted stress, and also definitely something to drink and eat, as breaks will be organized as needed.

Prices for children’s photo shoot

The prices depend on the duration of the photo session and the necessary decorations, if it is a half-hour photo session, the cost will be 40 EUR, but if it is an hour-long photo session with decorations, then the price will be 100 EUR. The price of outdoor photo sessions starts from 100 EUR for the first hour and each subsequent hour will cost 60 EUR. More details about prices are here