September 1st photoshoot

Children and their parents remember the first day at school for a long time. A school photo session on September 1 is an opportunity not only to keep the event in memory. These pictures will make the beginning of the school year a truly festive day.

The services of school photographers are in constant and high demand. On the website, you can view our portfolio and order beautiful and non-standard school photo sessions for September 1.

What associations do these words evoke in you? Of course, you have seen thousands of boring and stereotypical photos. Forget about all that! Photos in a child’s family or school album can be non-standard and bright. We know how to make them that way!


The first photo of September: ideas and preparations

Our photographers will offer you many unusual and even unexpected ideas for photography on September 1. We are ready to implement your ideas. What can photography be for students?

We will discover the beauty of the moment and the beauty of nature. On the way from home to school, you can take a lot of unusual and bright photos that will fit your photo album.

When kids are getting ready for school it is a great time to take pictures. You can take a lot of funny and memorable photos, both staged and reportage. The main thing is to catch the moments and we will be able to do that.

Photos of the child with the father will also be special, emotional, and touching. There are many examples of such photographs in our portfolio.

If you have even two or three children who go to the school, you can take non-standard photos with a fun spirit for September 1st.

Book a photo session for the beginning of the school year

Do you want to order photography for school gatherings and celebrations? This can be done in our photo studio. Be sure to check out our portfolio. You will be able to appreciate the professionalism, unique style, and sense of composition of our photographers.

Other people’s photos will also be a source of inspiration for you and help you formulate your expectations from photography. We will discuss all the important questions with you before the photo shoot. Our photographers will tell you how to prepare for photography, and what to bring with you. Together we will be able to pick up decorations that will be needed during the photo shoot.

The exact price and other organizational issues can be agreed upon with the staff of the photo studio. Our staff will do everything to make every customer satisfied.

We are always happy to see you in the office and are available to answer phone calls and messages. Order unforgettable photos of the most important events in your life.