Couples photoshoot

Love is something beyond words, it knows no boundaries, stands above everything, and is indescribably beautiful. Whether you’re celebrating your silver wedding anniversary, or you’ve just fallen in love and are still looking at each other through rose-colored glasses, a couples photo session is a great way to capture your declaration of love in high-quality photographic evidence. During this photo session, you will not only strengthen your relationship and bond with each other, but you will also gain new shared memories of the photo session experience and process.


Photo sessions for a couple- location

A photo session for couples can be organized in a studio in Riga, where all the necessary professional equipment is available – cameras, lenses, various backgrounds, and lights and also in a location of your choice, which is near and dear to you. If the photo session is planned outside the studio premises, the photographer will provide everything necessary so that the result at your favorite linden or oak tree is of the same quality as if it were captured in the studio.

Couples Photographer

The most important thing for a successful photo shoot for couples is very nuanced and successful communication, not only between the couple itself but also between the couple and the photographer. Therefore, the photo sessions for the couple must be organized and photographed by professionals with many years of experience, who, if you share, will be able to realize all, even the craziest wishes and ideas. A professional will be able to capture as well as capture your warm feelings for each other while you enjoy each other’s company.

Preparing for a couple’s photo shoot

For the process to be as peaceful as possible, and full of love and understanding, some tips must be followed before you go to the exciting event – a photo session for couples. Love is something difficult to define, it is even more difficult to capture it in a photo so that the result is as good as possible, one of the suggestions is to think about a matching outfit to bring you together. Take with you, if possible, some things that symbolize your relationship. Secondly, be sure to discuss with your loved one, together you also choose the desired idea, place, and time of the photo shoot. The participation photo session cannot be forced, if the couple’s photo session is relevant to only one of the couple and is forced, then it will not be possible to obtain high-quality final results or pictures. Enjoy the photo session and each other’s presence. Thirdly, we ask both of the couples to think about a neater appearance, so that later they can look back on their love captured in the pictures.

Couples’ photo sessions prices

A photo session with decorations will cost 100 EUR per hour, while a mini photo session lasting only 30 minutes will cost 40 EUR. More about prices.