Couples photoshoot

Love is something beyond words, it knows no boundaries, stands above everything, and is indescribably beautiful. Whether you’re celebrating your silver wedding anniversary, or you’ve just fallen in love and are still looking at each other through rose-colored glasses, a couples photo session is a great way to capture your declaration of love in high-quality photographic evidence. During this photo session, you will not only strengthen your relationship and bond with each other, but you will also gain new shared memories of the photo session experience and process.


Photo sessions for a couple- location

A photo session for couples can be organized in a studio in Riga, where all the necessary professional equipment is available – cameras, lenses, various backgrounds, and lights and also in a location of your choice, which is near and dear to you. If the photo session is planned outside the studio premises, the photographer will provide everything necessary so that the result at your favorite linden or oak tree is of the same quality as if it were captured in the studio.

Couples Photographer

The most important thing for a successful photo shoot for couples is very nuanced and successful communication, not only between the couple itself but also between the couple and the photographer. Therefore, the photo sessions for the couple must be organized and photographed by professionals with many years of experience, who, if you share, will be able to realize all, even the craziest wishes and ideas. A professional will be able to capture as well as capture your warm feelings for each other while you enjoy each other’s company.

Preparing for a couple’s photo shoot

For the process to be as peaceful as possible, and full of love and understanding, some tips must be followed before you go to the exciting event – a photo session for couples. Love is something difficult to define, it is even more difficult to capture it in a photo so that the result is as good as possible, one of the suggestions is to think about a matching outfit to bring you together. Take with you, if possible, some things that symbolize your relationship. Secondly, be sure to discuss with your loved one, together you also choose the desired idea, place, and time of the photo shoot. The participation photo session cannot be forced, if the couple’s photo session is relevant to only one of the couple and is forced, then it will not be possible to obtain high-quality final results or pictures. Enjoy the photo session and each other’s presence. Thirdly, we ask both of the couples to think about a neater appearance, so that later they can look back on their love captured in the pictures.

Couples’ photo sessions prices

A photo session with decorations will cost 100 EUR per hour, while a mini photo session lasting only 30 minutes will cost 40 EUR. More about prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a couples photoshoot at fotosesijas.local?

Expect a magical experience! Our couples photoshoot is designed to capture the essence of your love story, whether you're celebrating an anniversary or cherishing your new relationship. It's more than just a photo session; it's an opportunity to strengthen your bond and create unforgettable memories together.

How long does a typical couples photo session last?

Our couples photo sessions are tailored to ensure you have ample time to capture your love in the best light. Typically, sessions last between 1 to 2 hours, allowing for multiple poses, outfits, and backdrops to reflect your unique relationship.

Can we choose the location for our couples photoshoot?

Absolutely! We encourage couples to choose a location that is meaningful to them. Whether it's where you first met, your favorite park, or a scenic spot you both love, our photographer is ready to capture your moments in the location of your choice.

Are outfit changes allowed during our photoshoot?

Yes, outfit changes are definitely allowed! We recommend bringing 2-3 different outfits to your couples photoshoot. This variety will add more dimensions to your photo session and allow you to express different facets of your relationship.

What if we're not comfortable posing in front of a camera?

Don't worry, you're not alone! Our experienced photographers are skilled at creating a relaxed environment and will guide you through natural poses that reflect your genuine connection. We strive to make your photoshoot a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

How do we book a couples photoshoot with you?

Booking is easy! Simply fill out the form on our FAQ page or get in touch via contact at +371 27022203, We'll discuss your vision, pick a date, and plan the perfect photoshoot for you and your partner.

When will we receive our photos after the photoshoot?

Quality takes time, so we typically deliver the final, edited photos within 2-3 weeks after your photoshoot. We ensure each photo reflects the beauty and emotion of your special moments together.

Do you offer packages for couples photoshoots?

Yes, we offer a variety of packages tailored to meet different needs and budgets for our couples photoshoots. From a simple session to a more elaborate setup with multiple locations, we have options to suit every couple's wishes.

Can we include our pet in the couples photoshoot?

Of course! Pets are an important part of many relationships, and we're more than happy to include your furry friend in the photoshoot. Let us know in advance, so we can prepare and choose a pet-friendly location.

What happens in case of bad weather on the day of our scheduled outdoor photoshoot?

If the weather doesn't cooperate on the day of your outdoor couples photoshoot, we'll work with you to reschedule for a better day. We want your photos to be as perfect as possible, and sometimes that means waiting for the sun to shine!


Our anniversary photoshoot with fotosesijas.local was magical! The photographer had a great eye for detail and captured our moments beautifully.

Emily Thompson

Booking a couples photoshoot was the best decision to celebrate our relationship. The team at fotosesijas.local was professional and made us feel comfortable.

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Absolutely loved our photo session! It was fun, and the photos turned out stunning. Highly recommend fotosesijas.local for a couples photoshoot.

Jessica Lee

The experience with fotosesijas.local was seamless from start to finish. Our photographer helped us capture our love in the most genuine way.

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The couples photoshoot was an unforgettable experience. The team was incredibly supportive, guiding us through poses to look our best. Fotosesijas.local is top-notch!

Daniel Wright

Loved how our photos turned out! The photographer at fotosesijas.local knew exactly how to use the natural light to make our pictures look dreamy.

Natalie White

Fotosesijas.local provided a fun and relaxed atmosphere for our couples photoshoot. The photos captured our personalities perfectly. Highly satisfied!

Ethan Brown

The quality of service and the final product at fotosesijas.local exceeded our expectations. Our couples photoshoot was a romantic and memorable experience.

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Such a fantastic experience with fotosesijas.local! The photographer was creative and made sure we were comfortable throughout the shoot. Thrilled with the photos.

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