Newborn photographer

Newborn photo session is an important process to encapsulate this wonderful event in your life – the arrival of a new person into the world. Children grow so fast and time flies by without noticing it, it won’t take a few moments when the little person will be running around in circles and unstoppable. Your baby is unrepeatable and unique, so the moment you will capture in a baby photo session will serve you as a positively charged charge of memories for the rest of your life. The photo session can take place either at our studio, when it is important to bring important and beloved accessories for you and your babies or at your home or in another important and close place for you, if the interior is suitable, it should be discussed in advance so that the photographer can prepare and realize all necessary equipment. It is important, if the photo session takes place in a location of your choice, that there is enough daylight, where it is bright and warm. The lights will be adjusted so that the baby is not disturbed, but can be captured in beautiful and high-quality photos while cooing peacefully.

The best time for a newborn photo session is shortly after birth before the baby has colic, which would be about 6-8 days after birth. If you include the first two weeks after birth, it is much easier to photograph the newborn, because after that the little one begins to be more active in exploring the world and is no longer so easy to put down.


Duration and the preparation of the newborn photo session

The baby must sleep well on the day of the photo session and, of course, has also eaten well. Parents, on the other hand, are calm and feel happy about what is happening. The duration of the baby photo session depends on how smoothly everything goes. There are babies whose baby photo session only takes 30 minutes, but the whole process can take several hours. It is important to arm yourself with patience and plans time for eating, resting, etc. If possible, take with you some of the baby’s favorite things, a blanket, so that the baby has something familiar and close to hand.

Baby photo session prices

The price varies depending on whether the baby photo session takes place in a studio in Riga, or whether there are any travel costs if it is planned for another location of your choice. In addition, the price is affected by the duration of the photo session, if it is 30 minutes, the cost is lower, while if it lasts about two hours, it will cost more. More about prices..