Portrait photographer

Portrait photography is a genre that reflects a person’s character, mood, goals, and sometimes destiny. Only a real master can “catch” human emotions, characteristic facial expressions, and moods and convey them in his works.

Portrait shots are one of the two most popular genres of photography. They can be fashion, formal, and family.

Portrait photography is a genre with special requirements for photography, light, and composition. Here, a lot depends on the purpose of photography, the intention, the appearance of the person, and the photographer. The best portraits (always taken in a studio) can be taken in a professional photographer’s studio, where the light is properly set and modern powerful optics are used.

For the portrait to reflect your personality, be unusual and beautiful – apply for a photo session from the Photo Session studio team located in the center of Riga! Everyone is provided with an excellent result at a reasonable price and pleasant emotions from the admission process!


Photo session professional photography portraits

Photography is a very wide concept. It is often part of a family, wedding photo shoot, or business photo shoot. Each of these genres is not similar to the others, it has its characteristics. Using the Fotosesijas.com website, you can order:

  • Artistic photo portrait. Its main purpose is to reveal a person’s personality and bring the author’s creative idea to life. Every detail of the image (from your hair, your appearance, your characteristic gestures) is important and reveals your personality. This allows the photographer to show how he sees the model from the side and create really interesting pictures.
  • A photo portrait of a woman, the purpose of which is to convey the beauty and originality of each girl, to reveal the originality of her personality.
  • Business and service portraits – photographs of the company’s employees and managers in the office or photo studio. Most often, such pictures are placed on official websites, catalogs, advertising, and presentation products. This type of portrait photography is one of the most popular. A business photo is an effective means of creating a positive image of the company and its management.

Professional photo portrait: types and poses

These photos also differ in composition. Portraits can be:

  • close-up (only the person’s face will be in the frame);
  • medium height (up to the chest);
  • master plan (within a group of people or one person’s full growth in a work environment).

A lot depends on the posture. Her role is especially large in portraits taken in the general plan. In our portfolio, you will find examples of successful natural poses for business portraits and other types of photography.

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Our photographers are professionals in their field, who make the dream of a perfect portrait come true. Portrait photography with them is exciting, fun, and creative. You don’t have to worry about how to put your hands together beautifully or become more affordable – the photographer will bring your ideas and hopes to life and find the best angles and lighting to create beautiful and diverse photos.

To make your image more complete and feel more confident and attractive – use the services of our stylist, make-up artist, and hairdresser – the result will be stunning!

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