Birthday photoshoot

A professional birthday photo will keep in memory the event itself and the emotions brought to you by your loved ones. We all want to capture the highlights. This is especially true for holidays and auspicious days.

Do you want the holiday for you or your loved one to be even more emotional and brighter? Are you going to fill your photo album with fun and creative shots? Apply for a birthday photo session with us!

Apply works professionally with a sense of composition and beauty. Our photos will make any holiday happier, more emotional, and more positive.

The team has a lot of non-standard ideas that will make your photo sessions extraordinary:

A lot depends on where and in what subject the celebration takes place. In a club or restaurant, you can take creative photos when presenting gifts, greetings, or in guest costumes.

We will be able to “revive” the photo with relatives. Come up with lots of plots and unusual compositions.

If you want to actively relax on your birthday, organize yacht trips, or other events, our photographer can be with you. All the emotions and surprises of this day will be preserved in pictures.

Order a birthday photo in Riga and throughout Latvia

Birthday photography services are not just a trend. An ordered photo session can be another gift for a friend or loved one. Think about this type of gift if you don’t know what to give for the celebration.

Discussing what you expect from the photographer and the photos themselves is critical to a successful photo shoot. To better understand what the photographs can be, see the portfolio on our website. Here you will find photos in different photography styles and genres: portraits, children, official, and, of course, photos from birthdays.

To find out how much birthday photography costs, see the section. Prices for the photographer’s hour of work under certain conditions (in a photo studio or away) are indicated there. To clarify the price, we recommend calling the contact number or visiting our office in Riga. Here you can discuss the concept of the photo session, pick up accessories, and additional services.

Got a holiday coming up that you want to capture in a photo? Call or visit. The best moments will stay with you forever!