Photo processing

Photo processing or image processing allows you to make the captured moment of even higher quality and more pleasing. All images are processed to meet uniform quality standards for the final result and image processing is already included in the price. Photo processing means improving image color temperature, exposure, and contrast. The image processing also includes sharpening the frame, saturation, and tonality, as well as shading the camera profile, background, tripods, and many other actions that are necessary for a great result. All images are photo-processed, as all images require a little processing after they are taken, but this only enhances the quality of the image without changing the moment in it. On the other hand, if there is a desire to significantly change something in one’s appearance, then it is also possible to do photo retouching with us, which allows us not only to correct defects in the picture but also to make a person slimmer, taller, change the color of the eyes or even the color of the skin.

Photo restoration

Photo processing also includes image restoration, which becomes relevant if there is a desire to restore images, especially now, when today most images or photos are stored digitally, there must be an opportunity to improve and adjust photos taken before the era of digital photography. Photo albums are not always stored in such a way that the photos in them do not lose their quality, because it is affected by many factors, including room temperature, humidity, and the amount of light. Images that have lost their quality over the years, maybe they are dirty, wrinkled, from improper storage, maybe the color has faded – all of this can be fixed with image processing aimed at photo restoration.

Photo montage

If there is a desire to feel like a movie character or maybe even be a part of a famous painting, then we can make it happen. Image manipulation allows you to become not only the hero of a movie or story but also the most powerful superhero of your fantasy games or any other superhero. The limits of image processing will depend only on your imagination and creativity, leave the rest to the professionals.

Photo processing prices

We have the opportunity to process various pictures at very friendly prices. Photo processing – photo retouching from 3 EUR/photo, photo montage will cost you 15-20 EUR/photo, and photo restoration from 10-50 EUR/photo. Of course, the price of processing all images, for photos that you want to edit or restore, depends on the quality of the original image and the number of images.

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