Visiting photoshoot

Choosing a location is very important. The result and mood of the photographs largely depend on the location. A photo session in the open air or unusual places is one of the most popular types of photography. Photo sessions in the open air, as well as photography in professional photo studios, are ordered for various reasons. It could be:

  • holidays and the desire to give yourself a present;
  • dating or wedding anniversary;
  • family holidays;
  • the desire to surprise a loved one;
  • supplementing the portfolio of professional models;
  • just in a good mood.

An outdoor photo session in Riga can be ordered at Our team has professional photographers.


How to prepare for an outdoor photo shoot?

For the photography to be successful, we recommend that you prepare for the photo session. This will make the photographer’s job easier and make shooting comfortable for you. Follow some simple rules:

  • Be sure to discuss with the photographer the purpose, idea, and location of the shoot. Places and images can be multiple, but you shouldn’t choose too many;
  • Match your outfit. It should be coordinated with the interior or color scheme of the places where the photo session will take place. You can choose outfits for two or three aesthetics.
  • Relax before the photo session. Fatigue and bad mood are very noticeable in the photo.
  • Prepare for weather-related surprises.
  • A special case of photography is an outdoor wedding photo session. It requires a special approach, attention to the wedding guests and, first of all, to the newlyweds.

Why choose us?

Our photographers are attentive to the client’s ideas. We will find out what you expect from the photo session, we will tell you how to achieve such a result, and what other options are possible.

We follow trends in photography. Your shots will be individual and stylish at the same time. You will be happy to show these pictures!

Everyone appreciates naturalness, but processing is also a part of photography. We approach this process very carefully and with a sense of measure.

To order photography, call our contact number. The service managers will specify how much an off-site photo session costs and answer other questions that may arise.

Call and order a photo in Riga with us.