Christmas photoshoot

A family Christmas photo session in a photo studio is a way to capture this wonderful waiting time individually, as a couple, or in a wider circle with loved ones, friends, and girlfriends, in a lasting memory with high-quality photos. In the Christmas photo session, the main emphasis is on including and depicting the special feelings of the waiting time – joy, happiness, and bright hopes – swirling in the air, swirling snowflakes, the smell of gingerbread, tangerines, and mulled wine – in the photographs. Then you can use the photos to add to the family album, decorate the room with beautiful pictures in photo frames, share them on social networks, or please those around you with original and unique Christmas greetings. Our Christmas photo studio is bright and very cozy, has all the necessary holiday decorations and everything has been thought of so that, together with our professional photographer and all the necessary technical equipment of the studio, you can create a Christmas mood, which can be seen and felt in the high-quality photos.


Christmas photo session as a gift

It is a great idea to please your near and dear ones with a gift that has lasting value. The professional photos obtained in the Christmas family photo session, with a special holiday mood, are only the material side of the gift, the time you will spend together during the photo session, which is especially important during this holiday of being together, will be even more valuable. It is also a great idea for a gift to yourself, to pamper yourself with beautiful pictures, with a special festive mood before the big shopping rush, enjoying a moment for yourself. A gift card is a great and compact way to make a gift to please yourself and those around you. They are available not only tangible but also electronic gift cards if the online option is more convenient or affordable.

Preparing for Christmas photo session

It is preferable to come to the photo session with a clean appearance, thinking about the nuances, whether a manicure has been done, etc., so that you look great in the captured photos. We also recommend using the services of a professional make-up artist, which can also be done at our place if requested in advance. Make sure that the clothes and accessories you bring fit you, that there is something to choose from and that it is not too colorful. If possible, bring your favorite holiday attributes – themed hats, bells, tangerines, gingerbread, a thermos with warm tea, and other attributes that you associate with the holiday. The most important thing to bring to a Christmas photo session is a good mood and a warm smile, everything else is secondary.

Christmas photo session prices

Prices with thematic decorations:

30 minutes – 90 EUR;
60 minutes – 150 EUR

More about prices here!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a Christmas photoshoot session?

Booking your Christmas photoshoot is simple! Head over to our website's FAQ page and fill out the application form, or get in touch directly at +371 27022203 or We'll guide you through the booking process to secure your special session.

What makes your Christmas photoshoots special?

Our Christmas photoshoots capture the essence of the holiday season, bringing to life the joy, happiness, and bright hopes that characterize this wonderful time. With a cozy, fully decorated studio and professional equipment, we ensure each photo radiates the warmth and magic of Christmas.

Can we have a family photoshoot with pets?

Absolutely! We welcome your furry family members to join in on the festive fun. Our studio is pet-friendly, ensuring everyone, including your beloved pets, can be part of your cherished Christmas memories.

What should we wear for a Christmas photoshoot?

For a Christmas photoshoot, we recommend wearing holiday-themed or coordinated outfits to enhance the festive spirit. Think of cozy sweaters, festive colors like red, green, or gold, and accessories that complement the Christmas ambiance. Feel free to bring props or special items to personalize your session.

How long does a typical Christmas photoshoot take?

A typical Christmas photoshoot session lasts about 1-2 hours. This allows enough time to capture a variety of poses and arrangements with different holiday backdrops, ensuring you have a collection of beautiful memories.

Do you provide Christmas props and decorations for the photoshoot?

Yes, our studio is equipped with a wide range of Christmas props and decorations to bring the holiday spirit to your photos. From swirling snowflakes to gingerbread and tangerines, we have everything needed to create the perfect festive setting.

Can we get digital copies of our photos?

Certainly! Along with high-quality prints, we provide digital copies of all your Christmas photoshoot images. These are perfect for sharing with friends and family on social networks or creating digital Christmas greetings.

Is there a limit to the number of people in a family photoshoot?

Our studio can accommodate both individual and group sessions, including larger family gatherings. However, for the best experience and to ensure everyone fits comfortably, we recommend contacting us in advance if your group exceeds 10 people.

How soon should we book our Christmas photoshoot?

The holiday season is a busy time, so we suggest booking your Christmas photoshoot as early as possible. This ensures you get your preferred date and time, allowing us to create those magical memories without a rush.

What if we need to reschedule our photoshoot?

We understand that plans can change, especially around the busy holiday season. If you need to reschedule, please contact us at least 48 hours in advance. We'll do our best to accommodate your new preferred time and date, subject to availability.


The Christmas photoshoot at this studio was magical! Our family photos look like they're straight out of a holiday card. Very satisfied with the service.

Emily Johnson

Loved the cozy setup for our Christmas photoshoot. The photographer captured our family's joy perfectly. Highly recommend their services!

Michael Brown

The Christmas photo session exceeded our expectations! The studio's holiday decorations and the professional staff made our experience memorable.

Samantha Davis

I was amazed by how our Christmas photos turned out. The photographer really knows how to capture the holiday spirit. Will definitely return next year!

David Smith

Our couple's Christmas photoshoot was fantastic. The studio's setting and the photographer's talent made it a special experience for us.

Jessica Wilson

The Christmas photoshoot was a delightful experience. The studio was well-prepared with holiday decor, making our family photos look stunning.

Daniel Martinez

Had a wonderful time during our Christmas photo session. The atmosphere was perfect, and the photos captured our family's happiness beautifully.

Laura Garcia

Impressed with the professionalism and the quality of our Christmas photos. The studio's festive setup added a special touch to our experience.

James Wilson

The Christmas photoshoot was everything we hoped for and more. Great service and beautiful photos that we'll cherish forever.

Anna Thompson

Our family's Christmas photoshoot was a hit, thanks to the talented team at this studio. They managed to capture all the joy of the season in our photos.

Richard Johnson