When else, if not in summer, do you want to take the brightest, most contrasting and sunniest photos? Many photographers try to avoid direct sunlight on the lens and keep the sun behind them.

A professional photographer will determine the right light to remove the shadows cast by the sun on a person. He will choose the right angle and suitable pose so that your photos look harmonious and professional. An experienced photographer will do everything so that the shots are successful, without highlights, without shadows, with proper lighting and also of high quality.

Photo session at noon

Of course, shooting at noon with a clear sky is never easy. It is very important to initially understand how best to work with the sun. If you want to create beautiful contrasting photos with deep and harsh shadows using sunlight and assistive technology, then shooting in the middle of the day will help you accomplish this task perfectly. But it happens that the photos are boring and unexpressive. Sunlight plays its role. It will be more difficult with a portrait. If you place the model with her back to the sun, too deep shadows in the eye area will not look better. If you turn a person towards the sun, even the most beautiful photo will not be worth his pain.

In order to avoid long hours in the heat and closed eyes during a photo session against the sun, it is enough to choose alternative photo time options:

1) Dawn (an hour before sunrise) – the light is very soft, there are no shadows because there is no direct sunlight. As sunrise approaches, the light becomes more intense.

2) Sunset (one hour before sunset) – The sun sets low enough to create lovely long shadows that help bring out the details. Adds texture and depth to photos.

“Golden Hour”

Of course, you have heard the term “golden hour” many times. The golden hours are (roughly) the first hour after sunrise and the last hour before sunset. But the length of golden hours may vary depending on your location. The light at this time is diffused and soft. Images acquire wonderful golden hues and long shadows with a soft glow. It is impossible to stop the flight of imagination here. Each time you experiment with the amount of light, you end up with versatile photos! You can get sun glare, unusual fog or glow effects, long shadows and contrasting tones.

Light is a photographer’s most important tool!

Every photographer knows that the same place looks different in the morning and in the evening, so you should not limit yourself to a certain time of photography. You should enjoy and capture the beauty of the world around you at different times of the day. Each shot will be unique and unrepeatable!

No matter what shooting format you prefer, it will look a winner either way!!! Be it a walk in the city, a picnic by the water, the beauty of flowers and countryside, everything will be covered with its secret magical effect.