Our photo studio has everything you need for high-quality and professional photography. We have all the necessary fixtures and lighting for photo shoots. Some examples we have available:

  • Reflector

The reflector is intended to obtain a sharp, high-quality drawing light, a standard reflector can be used for a studio flash.

  • Softboxes

Softboxes, or soft light boxes, allow you to soften the falling light from a flash or constant light, which allows you to avoid sharp shadows.

  • Photo umbrella

Such a photo umbrella allows you to diffuse and reflect flashes or independent lights in the studio in different ways, thus obtaining lighting that corresponds exactly to your wishes.

  • Strip boxes

Strip boxes are distinctly long rectangular soft boxes, which are suitable for particularly attractive lighting of hair or a person’s entire body. Softboxes of this shape create a long reflection in the model’s eyes.

  • Octabox

Octabox, or octagonal softbox, which creates lighting as close as possible to natural light, such as sunlight or daylight.

  • “Beauty dish”

The light emitted by the “Beauty dish” is softer than light from a flash, but stronger than light from a softbox, giving the image a soft but contrasty look that creates a dramatic effect.

  • Tubes

The tube has a tapered tip that limits the flow of light. Ideal for creating a spot of light on a background or illuminating a model’s hairstyle.

If you want to take great photos as a keepsake, but you don’t have professional lighting equipment, you can rent this one from us.

Also, if you are a professional photographer and want to introduce changes in your activities and try filming in a studio, you can rent a studio from us, where you can relax and take unforgettable shots.