Children’s photography is one of the most difficult photo genres even for professional and experienced photographers. The main reason why photographing children is a difficult and time-consuming process – children’s unpredictable behavior, gestures, facial expressions. A photographer has to concentrate when taking pictures so that the shots turn out to be of the highest quality and the model looks great in them, but this is not possible when photographing children, especially when the child is very small and does not understand why he is not allowed to run where he wants and why a stranger constantly flashes in the eyes.

Children’s photo sessions are always very dynamic and tiring, but it is worth remembering the positive emotions that the result will bring and that should be the stimulus and motivation to try and make an effort. However, it should be remembered that children’s photos do not have to be artificial, they should be genuine and energetic, and if these photos are of high quality, you will be able to prove yourself as a professional and masterful photographer.

What should be taken into account when preparing for children’s photography?

• All nuances that the customer wants to realize must be planned and discussed in time. Before any photo session, you must be as prepared as possible – prepare the equipment, equipment, attributes, decorations, etc. items that might be needed in a photo session.
• If possible, get to know the parents and the child before the photo session, but if this is not possible, ask about the child’s characteristics and character in a telephone conversation in order to know how to communicate.
• Children’s photo sessions are always creative, so you will have to be dynamic, energetic and follow the rhythm of the child. Of course, if you are photographing a newborn who is sweetly sleeping, this energy will be unnecessary, but in such a photo session you need to act carefully and quickly in order to be able to finish your work before the baby wakes up, starts to fuss, etc.
• Don’t be afraid to get dirty. If the child crawls under the table, in the bushes or anywhere else – you are ready to chase after him and capture shots that parents would definitely not even try to take.
• And of course, try to get as many shots as possible so parents have something to choose from, because remember, most shots will be bad – bad facial expressions, lighting or angle.

What equipment is needed for a children’s photo shoot?

As with any other photo session, including children’s, it is possible in various locations, including in the studio or outside. If the photo session is planned at home, you cannot do without a wide-angle lens and high-quality additional lighting.

On the other hand, the camera settings will have to be changed several times. The best way is to set the partial automatic mode, which will allow you to play with sharpness and focus. In the event that the lighting is too weak, you will have to open the aperture, which will allow you not to increase the ISO, but even if the maximum aperture opening does not help – the ISO will have to be increased, as a result of which the image will be a little grainy. But remember, a grainy image is better than a blurry one, and a grainy image can easily be processed in Lightroom or Photoshop!

Feel free to experiment during a children’s photo session. Use different angles, close-ups and angles. Play with the child and don’t be afraid that many pictures will be blurry, the main thing is that these shots also turn out to be successful and presentable shots.

When processing pictures, do not overdo them with retouching. The child’s skin is clean, and additional lighting or retouching will be unnecessary. Spend more time on color correction and give the photo a tone that will suit the theme of the photo shoot. We rent various video and photo equipment!




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